Holistic Retreats at Sinite Kamani in partnership with A Mindful Escape

Комплекс Сините Камъни

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Holistic Retreats at Sinite Kamani in partnership with A Mindful Escape

We are really pleased to announce that we have partnered up with A Mindful Escape who offer holistic retreats for people from all walks of life.

A Mindful Escape retreat will offer 5 days, all inclusive retreats in Sinite Kamani villa. There will be time to relax, to socialise, to learn,  to care for your physical body and your soul. And, no, it is not all about yoga. Our retreats are a journey, and are curated to show you a glimpse of what life could look like when you are aligned with yourself. Our retreats are specially crafted to support our guests in a time of need, or challenging life circumstances. We carefully guide guests towards a happier and healthier version of themselves. 

A Mindful Escape retreat

The retreats will be held in English and will be guided by 3 practitioners. The groups will be small, 12 people maximum, so each guest will benefit from individual 1:1s.

The practitioners, each specialize in a different area of mind, body and soul.

A Mindful Escape retreat team

Deyana is the Founder of A Mindful Escape, a certified coach and CBT practitioner. She has  15 years of corporate experience in London, leading and mentoring large, global teams within the travel industry. She then decides to focus on her own coaching practice and creates A Mindful Escape. 

Stephanie is a renowned movement practitioner. She began dancing at the age 5 and has since won a number of awards for her choreography and movement practices. Stephanie has more than 10,000 hours of training under her belt and believes that movement belongs to everyone – all ages, body types, abilities and experience levels. 

Solenn has been practicing healing since 2013. She brings the understanding of the path to healing, having undergone it herself. We all go through difficult moments in life. In reality, these are the best gifts in the world, if only you know where to look and if someone can show you how to access the diamond inside the coal. This is exactly the path she leads all guests of A Mindful Escape retreat.

A Mindful Escape retreat dates

Each guest of A Mindful Escape retreat will receive individual attention throughout the 24 sessions included in the package. To learn more about all sessions and why choose A Mindful Escape please visit: https://www.amindfulescape.com/ or contact: hi@amindfulescape.com 

Dates for the retreats in 2024: 

September: 15-20

October: 13-18

November: 17-22